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Senior Film: Mush Mouth

My senior film done my final year at Savannah College of Art and Design. I directed, animated, did BG's for, Color keys, Character designs, clean-up for this film.


A project for a After Effects class taken at SCAD. It's a mix of animations and puppets made in Photoshop then edited together in After Effects. Pulling together real life footage with hand drawn animations.

A Sticky Situation

A short done on my own time in ToonBoom Harmony and After Effects. My sneaky and very sticky fish man got a 'friend' stuck to them. 


A short done on my own time in ToonBoom Harmony. Tom is the name of the small baby griffin who is constantly chirping. Done in 48 hours.


A video done for my 2D-Production class at SCAD. We had ten weeks to make a short film from bottom up. Concept art, Backgrounds, Animation, model sheets.

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