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Game Animations

Star Chomp

Star Chomp is a game currently in development for the phone app. I did work on the animations for all the characters, cut scenes, as well as painting backgrounds for the game.

Star Chomp Gameplay footage

StarChomp Cut scene footage

Gifs done for Game

Character Idles as well as actions. These cycles were made in photoshop then sent off to be inked.

Cut scenes with rough animations.  Made the entire set, color, and animation all in photoshop. 

Example of backgrounds for the game, painted in photoshop.


Bumper Knights was a game sold on XBox360. I was the Lead Artist on this project and handled all the visual aspects of the creation of the game.

Created all Characters, Animations, Backgrounds, Box and Website Art.


Website :

Box Art
loading screen Art
Character Dialog Art
Stage Tiles
Level Complete
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